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These are in chronological order, but I'm too lazy to add info about each session ;)

DM [to Ziporah, comparing her to Voldemort]: You're not losing anything. You're just adding things to your personality.

Isabelle: Well Americans invented the car, so I feel like [Mary] is more qualified to drive the flying carpet.
Illene: It's a carpet, not a car!
Isabelle: CAR-pet...

DM: I will always make it go wrong somehow, that's my job.

Ziporah: I have a hoe! It's oddly ironic!

Mary: So what's evil that's blonde?
Gaelen: ...Malfoys?

Ziporah, explaining her hyperactivity: Sugar. I'm not really supposed to have it. It's the white demon.

Illene [to Isabelle]: Shut up and "look Ravenclaw."

Gaelen, talking about his family: That's nothing - it gets worse. They have jamborees.

Gaelen, who is Welsh: Those English bastards stole our vowels.

"so much glitter!"

Ziporah & Illene, to Mary: Are you cheating on Remus?
Ziporah: Hi-five, you owe me a coke.
Illene: What's a "coke"?

Ziporah: We can do chemistry on the sludge pile. [ooc] Wait, what's it called in the wizarding world?
[ profile] shysylph: Alchemy
Ziporah: We could alchemetize it!

[ profile] polymexina: So how many people want tea?
[Various people shout out] 3! 4! 3? umm..
[ profile] discipuladc: pi?
[ profile] heleneotroy: Avagadro's number?

"Slytherpuff" - part Slytherin, part Hufflepuff. It's like a rattlesnake w/ a puffball on the end of its tail.

DM to [ profile] polymexina: You have appalled her both in and out of character.

Ziporah: ...cookies of niceness and deliciousness and not of pain.
[ profile] leighleighla: Cookies of pain!!

DM: It's the bouncy castle of broken dreams?

DM: You know what? I'm feeling whimsical.
[ profile] leighleighla: Oh no.
(a few minutes later) Mary: Did I fall into felix felises? I fell into felix felises!! I'm golden! Literally!
[ profile] shysylph, singing: Shiny happy people...

Frauline [to Ziporah]: You are of ze Brennans is go "boom"?

Frauline [to Isabelle, who is a muggle and a Hufflepuff]: Mugglepuff.

Frauline: When you has giant squid and make a calimari and forget to kill before breading...

Ziporah: We're wizards, we don't know what zippers are.
Illene: We're wizards, not Amish.

Mary: It's like "Homeward Bound," except on crack.

DM: You smell the rings, and wolves...and a bunny.
Mary, as a dog: BUNNY!!!

(This was from last week, when we didn't actually game, but what Maria said was too funny not to write down)

[ profile] polymexina: I like my smut to be organized.

Now I'm feeling a bit whimsical too.
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