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I've totally failed to post the Hogwarts Hall of Fame quotes from the last "semester" worth of game nights. So, here they are. I put them in chronological order as best I could. Some of these are clearly contextual, because I can't remember why those are funny anymore.

DM: one of the Ravenclaw boys starts to feel some pity for you...
Illene: his pants!

Illene: No, they're gingers, they don't have souls.

Ninian: Can I fetch you a beverage?
Mary: Just don't make it sing.

Illene: My house is on the Black Sea. I can see Greece from my house!

Isabelle: I know how to drink - I'm from France.

Illene: It's warm and fuzzy and sits on my lap in the common room. That's all I require.
Snape: That's apparently all Mary requires also.

Illene: Who was it?
Mary: It starts with "S" and ends with "that fuckhead."

DM: Hufflepuff let's everyone in [to the common room].
[ profile] shysylph[ooc]: Yeah, we probably have a really easy password like "password."

Mary: You know, it seems like almost every week, someone dies.
[ profile] polymexina[ooc]: Yeah, it's almost like Buffy.

Zephora and Isabelle thre a party for Mary, Hufflepuff-style. There were items like "dogs of hot" and tumbling weeds with glitter.

Zephora: We're not going to kill things, we're going to raise them gently with love and care. And I'm a Hufflepuff.

[ profile] polymexina[ooc]: Angel senses a disturbance in the force...

Amelia Bones: So it's a faerie rabbit? Like a pwca?
[ profile] shysylph[ooc]: And Angels's ears go up...

Amelia Bones: There WAS that spiffy canyon...
Mary: The Grand Canyon?!

Mary [to Zephora, who's in dog form]: That sounds a little far-fetched. Haha! Get it? Fetched!

Zephora, in dog form [hearing about Mortimer the pwca rabbit]: Rabbit??
Isabelle: You should eat the rabbit!

Mary: Maybe we should get her some real psychiatric-- [ooc] wait, it's the 70s.

[The team has been shrunken to about squirrel-size.]
Isabelle [to Lily]: Here, you can have my broom.
[ profile] leighleighla [ooc]: Little tiny broom!

DM: You're at eye level with the squirrel when it stands up.
Mary: So I could take my knife out and fight the squirrel!

[ profile] leighleighla[ooc]: Can we combine forces?
DM: You all hold hands.
[ profile] shysylph[ooc]: I feel like we're calling the Power of Three.

DM: You've summoned the rest of the angry squirrels. They haven't forgotten you.
[ profile] shysylph[ooc]: Squeak squeaker squeak squeaken.
[ profile] leighleighla[ooc]:" Kronk!!"
[ profile] shysylph and [ profile] leighleighla high five across the table]

Madam Pince [to Zephora]: No riding squirrels in the library.

Squirrel-riding music!

Mary [recounting an encounter last game with Snape]: ...and then I hit him with a chair.

Zephora: I can't talk with my dog face.

Zephora: I'm a dog squirrel. I'm a dogrrel.
Isabelle: A squog.

Madam Pomfrey: Look, I'm not gonna be one of those teachers that encourages knocking one's friends unconscious...

Isabelle: They're magical self-fitting bras.
Everyone ooc: That's really cool! I wish I had one!

Isabelle: I'm going to charm the mimosas so that when you drink one, you sparkle for 5 minutes.

All the PCs, and some of the NPCs, got tattoos by Antoine the stripper:
Illene - snake
Mary - lion paw
Zephora - badger with purple "danger sparkles"
Isabelle - badger with a wand that shoots rainbows
Vivian - a spine on her spine, and 'Y' incision scars
Amelia Bones - "Born to Hug"

[ profile] shysylph[ooc]: "Hugging" is a euphamism.

Amelia Bones thought that hot dogs were made of dogs, so she was asking Mary about it.
Isabelle: Dogs?? And people eat these?! Oh my god! Mary, that's horrible!!
[ profile] heleneotroy[ooc]: Mary is just so much fun to provoke.

Zephora [writing a letter to Beatrice]: "...sincerely and terrifiedly, Zephora."

[ profile] polymexina[ooc]: Did you know that bats have bat bugs, which are like bed bugs but much worse?
[ profile] discipuladc[ooc]: That's why you keep your bat box outside.
[ profile] leighleighla[ooc]: a cave. Underground. With a giant computer.

Isabelle: Oh shit! I mean...oh merde!
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