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It's been a really great weekend!

I had a date with Jack on Friday night. We were celebrating his birthday (which was the night before), so I took him out to dinner at his choice - Outback. We enjoyed our dinner and drinks, although my chicken came out really pink and I had to ask them to cook it some more. The manager was very gracious, brought my plate back out and made sure it was cooked to my satisfaction.

After dinner we headed back to my place for the Season 4 premier of Battlestar Galactica. And it was great! I couldn't believe they left us hanging like that...AGAIN. At least we only have to wait 1 week instead of a year and a half for the next episode.

Saturday was mostly spent relaxing. Jack and I chilled here, we watched some TV (yay Dirty Jobs), I made breakfast - nothing fancy, he wanted cinnamon toast, and I wanted cereal. He left around noon, and after I showered I did a whole lot more of nothing. Okay, I did do a little cleaning. Then I headed out to the Perk for Pagan Band Jam. I got to spend some time with [ profile] seer_eridanus, Shea, and Olivia at the beginning and end of the night. Also got to say hi to Angela, and met another, very friendly woman whose name I completely forget. I spent most of the night relaxing with a big mug of mint tea and a book on shamanism while listening to the lovely music.

And today was CD auditions! The Assembly is making another chant CD, and several people have encouraged me to audition, so I went to today's audition session. Had to drive all the way out to Seelie Court, and for some reason miscalculated when I need to leave by a good hour...and didn't realize this until I was halfway even with some pretty speedy driving on 404, I was a good 1/2 hour late. But it was all good, they hadn't even started yet. Only two of us showed up, in addition to the four people auditioning us - kinda nice, because it went faster that way. I was sooo happy at how relaxed the atmosphere was compared to other auditions I've gone to...and it definitely helped my performance, because my voice wasn't too shaky like it usually is when I'm nervous. They only had us sing a couple of the more difficult chants ("Hella's gate"..OY) to get a sense of how we sound and our range, diction, etc. I was disappointed that I didn't have to sing any of the 3 songs and 2 chants I had prepared, considering how much time I spent practicing and choosing the best range to sing them in, and how they all showed off my range, etc pretty well. The chants we sang today weren't necessarily the best for my voice, but I still think I did decently.

I really hope I get picked to be part of the CD - I miss making music like I did in high school and college.

Sigh. Almost time for bed, and then work tomorrow. Why must weekends be so short??


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