May. 31st, 2009

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Feel loads better now, after an afternoon at the park.

I spent an hour and a half pulling mile-a-minute and garlic mustard from a spot along the trail that heads towards the botanical gardens. Would have worked longer, but it was hot in the sun and my legs weren't totally happy with all the bending over and squatting.

While I was working, one older gentleman stopped and asked what I was doing - he thought I was gathering plants for food! So I explained to him that I was pulling non-native invasive plants so that they wouldn't take over the park, and that while you can eat garlic mustard, you definitely do NOT want to eat mile-a-minute (yeowch!). I have a feeling that this kind of inquiry by passing park-goers is going to be a regular occurence.

After weed-pulling, I walked around the park a bit. I walked around the ponds and saw some painted turtles, Canada geese, fish of some sort, and songbirds.

Then I walked the labyrinth, asking the spirits of place that walking would help me find some serenity and joy. It was very relaxing, and I managed to mostly shut out the world (and all its noisy kids) as I walked. I om'ed a few times as a gift of thanks for the spirits. I did find a small bit of serenity, and later as I walked back up the trail to my car the sound of birds and the sight of a beautiful white dog brought me joy.

For what I have been given today, and what I was able to release, I give thanks.


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