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Please work in a timely manner so I can do my job.

No love,
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As I mentioned in my last entry, last Thursday I participated in a volunteer survey of vernal pools in the Paint Branch area of Montgomery County, MD. The reason for the surveys is sad - there is a road going up in this area, and I guess they're just making sure there's nothing endangered or whatever. My co-worker Jeff had set up a few afternoons to go out surveying after work...this was the first I was able to make it out for, and I went with Jeff, Susan, and Corinne.

For the non-biologists, a vernal pool is a temporary body of water that usually occurs in the spring with all the rain. Since they're temporary, there's no fish to eat amphibian eggs, so they're really important for frog and salamander breeding. In the MidAtlantic region, they're often found in wooded areas. More at wikipedia.

These were some pretty healthy woods, so there was lots of plant diversity, especially wildflowers coming up on the forest floor. Oh, there were some invasives too - lots of Japanese stiltgrass, and some garlic mustard - but not too bad. We saw some ferns around the vernal pools that were really neat - you don't often see ferns in the wild around here:


more wildlife shiny below the cut )

A few more pics can be found on my Flickr account: I'll probably go out on one or two more survey outings, so keep an eye out for additional photos!


Feb. 1st, 2008 06:18 pm
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I iz back from the retreat. I iz ded from brainstorming and sleep deprivation. Oooog.

Real update after I've had a good night's sleep.

P.S. You people write alot in 2 days. My f-list had almost 75 new entries when I got home! Sheesh.
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What WHC really needs is an optional siesta break in the afternoon. Soo tired...Must not fall asl...Zzzzzzzzzzzzz....


Feb. 20th, 2007 08:43 pm
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I'm back from the retreat-that-was-actually-a-strategy/planning-meeting. My brain has been all stormed out. I'm way, way beyond tired. And bruised and sore all over from "sledding" (and falling many times oh-so-gracefully) on an icy hill with no actual sleds (hot damn was it fun!). And my gods, you people blog alot in 2 days.


Jul. 20th, 2006 02:00 pm
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Just got back from lunch out with a bunch of co-workers - a send-off for A, who is starting grad school up in Massachusetts next week. I inexplicably left my wallet at home today, so O was nice enough to treat me to lunch :) We went to the Asian buffet down the street. Food was decent enough for a buffet - though it doesn't a candle to the Mandarin Garden back home. I did my best to eat reasonably healthy and keep my food groups balanced, but I still ate I ate waaaaaay much :p

Of course, now I am soooooooooo it naptime yet?? ZzzZzzZZZzzzz...

Alas, I have to finish this report by tomorrow. Yes folks, this will the be the first honest-to-god report I've completed from beginning to end. Technically, it's my 2nd report, but I only wrote one section of my 1st report (though I may be helping out with the rest later), and before that I helped out with one of Adam's reports. But this report I'm working on now is all written and researched by moi. Woo. [/meager excitement]

I also have to start looking for a place to live post-summer, since my lease ends Aug. 29. I'll be hitting craigslist every day, and I'll probably check the local papers now and then too. And of course, if anyone hears of a super-cheap 1-bedroom opening up around DC/MD, or knows another chiquita who needs a roomate, let me know, eh? :)
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I got the Research Assistant job at the Wildlife Habitat Council!!!!!!!!!!


Finally, a permanent "real" job that's not temporary, not seasonal, has benefits, and is actually in my field of study/interest!!

Details to follow later (probably tomorrow), after I stop squealing with glee and call to accept the offer =) =)
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Woo! I just finished what was probably the best job interview I've ever had! I can't believe how well it went! =)

The job I interviewed for is the Research Assistant for the Wildlife Habitat Council's main office in Silver Spring, MD. It mostly involves writing wildlife/habitat management reports for and creating/updating maps of habitat management areas on private land. There's occasional field work involved, but it's mostly a desk job - but I'd rather have a desk job where I get to work on something I love and know alot about, than a desk job where I'm working for "the man" and mostly working on bureaucratic paperwork (my current job at McNeil). I get the feeling it's not a long-term job, but it sounds fun and it'd be a great way to get my foot in the door in the environmental sector.

My interviewer, who would also be my supervisor were I hired, is a biologist - as a wildlifer/scientist-type myself, I think we were able to relate really well to each other, much moreso than if she had been a policy-type, or worse, a corporate-type. It's a shame we had to do it over the phone, because I REALLY want this job (almost as much as I want the "glorified Park Ranger" job with the PA DCNR), and I would have been able to make an even better impression had we talked in person...but the office is about 3 hours away, and I can't really take an entire day off of work just for a 45-minute interview.

She mentioned or insinuated several times that I have what they're looking for - my writing style, my GIS experience, my wildlife background... I got the feeling I'm high on the list of candidates for this position *bounce* Man oh man, I hope this job works out!!


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