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In the process of packing, I've been finding a lot of things I'd like to sell/give away. (I'd be delighted if you can give me money for things. If you can't, that's fine too - I'd rather give things away than throw them out.)

Things that I am looking to rid myself of:

- a set of shelves (slightly shaky, but otherwise in good condition)
- a futon frame/couch from Ikea, with couch cushions if you want them.
- lots of books (I can send you the list of books)
- a DVD player
- 3 bags of clothes, mostly in sizes 10-12 pants/skirts, S-M shirts

There may be more as I continue packing...keep checking back for an updated list.

I have to be out of the apartment by May 31, after which things are getting donated to Goodwill or thrown out. Also, it would be vastly preferable if you want to pick things up. If you can't (say, you live overseas), I can set aside small things like books for mailing after the move if you're willing to chip in for postage.

Please email or PM me if interested :)
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Well I'm here in [ profile] sideflip1's and my new apartment!

I'm borrowing somebody's unprotected wireless connection to post this, since I don't have internet at the moment. I'm hoping to remedy that very soon, because this borrowed connection is VERY slow.

I've got most of my stuff moved in. Mom and Dad came down to help me move, and brought some of my furniture with them (well, their old furniture - they're giving it to me). It was HOT today, so the moving was slow and we had to take many breaks for water and cooling off in the AC. Consequently, we didn't get all my stuff here. I still have a few boxes of stuff left at B's house, so I'll be going back tomorrow to get that, and help her out with cleaning the room while I'm there. Hopefully the heat tomorrow won't be quite so killer.

I already miss Stella (the dog). I've gotten very fond of having a dog around. And I'm really not so fond of having cats around anymore (though the right cat might change my mind). Having Stella around has definitely turned me into a dog person. Once I can afford it, I'd really like to adopt a dog. Preferably a retired grayhound.

Have some shopping to do tomorrow. I need groceries like whoa. I need a shower curtain, since the apartment didn't come with one (I had to take a bath instead...but a nice long bubble bath was exactly what I needed to relax after today). Probably a few inexpensive plates, because for some reason the plates I THOUGHT were packed in one of my boxes at home were not.

*yawn* Man I am beat. I've been beat all day, but I'm finally getting tired enough to sleep. I think the adrenaline from all the moving and nervousness and such is finally wearing off. Time to crash.

P.S. sekrit note to [ profile] sideflip1: You forgot to call me, silly! Give me a call tomorrow, eh? :)
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We got the apartment!!!!!!!!!!


We're scheduled to move in August 5. Other details forthcoming, when I actually have details =)


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