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These are in chronological order, but I'm too lazy to add info about each session ;)

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Now I'm feeling a bit whimsical too.
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I've totally failed to post the Hogwarts Hall of Fame quotes from the last "semester" worth of game nights. So, here they are. I put them in chronological order as best I could. Some of these are clearly contextual, because I can't remember why those are funny anymore.

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We were celebrating Guy Fawkes Day! The adults decided that a big bonfire outside was potentially too dangerous, so there were mini-bonfires for each of the years. This was an opportunity to meet our new exchange student from China, Lui ([ profile] discipuladc, sp??) and introduce her to the hijinx of the Marauders and the Slug Club. Mwahaha.

Unfortunately, she is also a communist, so there were some...shall we say, heated discussions. Isabelle with her chill French manner was just sitting back watching all of this thinking how terribly uncivilized and uncouth everyone was being, and she kept trying to be peacemaker. Izzy and Zephora also attempted some hugs, but that didn't always go over so well...

Illene: It is America, there are cows, and tumbleweeds.
Mary: Dude, there are no tumbleweeds in Kansas!

Mary & Lui are fighting about the merits of communism vs. capitalism/freedom...
Isabelle: I think you guys need a hug.
Mary: *gives massive bitchface to Isabelle*
*ooc, [ profile] shysylph & [ profile] leighleighla dissolve into laughter*
[ profile] shysylph [ooc]: Sorry, I had to!!

James [to Lui]: Right now, Gryffindor is your China.
Lui: Well, Gryffindor -does- have alot of red...

As [ profile] leighleighla put it, this game was totally on crack, but in a good way I think. I haven't heard us laugh that much in game in quite a while!


I also found my notes from a game awhile back when our class was forced to do a team-building exercise. I don't really remember what we did a team... or why? (something about in-class fighting...?), but a few of the quotes stand out on their own.

Mary [to Illene]: Holy shit! We actually agreed on something!

Zephora [to Mary?]: You almost got groped by Remus while we were dueling, and I totally take full credit for that.

Illene [regarding the team-building exercise]: They lured me in with tea, dammit!
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Our 3rd-year students finally arrived upon their first day of class with the new Defense Against the Dark Arts (DaDa) teacher. Because as we all know, the DaDa professors never seem to last more than a year at Hogwarts. Every year was being subjected to some crazy class and then sworn to secrecy so that it would be a surprise for the remaining years. Well, the surprise class was for the entire class to re-enact one of the battles in the Goblin wars...the point being to learn about the horrors of war, and why war should only be used in certain circumstances, etc. Apparently the professor felt that learning about it in books wasn't good enough (he's a little crazy). The class was split into groups...we were, conveneniently, in the same group. We defended a hill that protected the supply lines.

Mary [to Illeni, encouraging her to throw the vorpal bunny at the goblins]: Throw the bunny!
Sean [ooc]: They're magically delicious.

Maria: Flanking [in war] is like a bad date doing this [yawns and puts her arm around Heather's shoulder]

Zephora: I wanna fill the goblins with the despair of the trenches.

Isabelle: We should give Professor Smithson some brownies that aren't made by Zephora.
Zephora: Hey, my brownies were fucking amazing!
Illeni: Yeah, they were really a pick-me-up!

Colleen [ooc]: I need oxy-brain-clean!
Darknes [ooc]: Hi, Wizard Mays here with oxy-brain!
Heather [ooc]: I think Billy Mays is the only person that speaks in all caps.

We all had to write papers after this class about when war is necessary, why war is bad (Heather summed it up: "War, what is it good for?"). These are our the theses that our characters all wrote. Keep in mind that we're only 13, and have just all fought a battle.

Alfonz: I prepared explosive runes. I like goblins, goblins are short. When I grow up, I hope I don't become a goblin, because I don't want to be ugly.

Zephora: I think war is bad, but if you are intervening to protect others, it is just. Conclusion - As civilians and children, war is always imaginary. But now, as the world grows darker none of us can afford the fantasy of fights without consequence.

Illeni: War is messy and bad. If you must engage in one, do whatever it takes to end it as quickly as possible.

Victor: How goblins could be used as effective weapons in war.

Isabelle: War is scary, horrible, and bad. Especially when you're fighting against goblins. They're really hard to kill, except with logs. Logs work really well against goblins.

Mary: War - kill them before they kill you.

Ian: Conflict is a necessary evil that has to be carefully considered before action is taken.
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Hey, look what I found in my bag after being lost in there for almost a month! Why yes, the Hogwarts Hall of Fame! (Gee, didn't this happen last time? I swear, I'm not purposely out to make a habit of this :p)

So after a hiatus over the summer, we all got back together for a night of HP gaming back in September - and there was much rejoicing! First we set out to go over what our characters did over the summer. After that, we started our first year with some...interesting results. Including a food fight *smirk*

DM: Are you going to the zombie ranch in Kansas?
Isabelle: Jah, zombie, jah!

Isabelle: Protego! [against Illeni's sundress, which is as bright as the sun]
Heather [ooc]: Protego my eggo!

Zephora: I don't know what pizza is, but it accuratey describes your face.

Zephora: Ravenclaw, get your hand out of your pants, that's so inappropriate!
Isabelle: Since when are you an authority on what's appropriate?

[the entire Great Room is in the middle of a food fight that Zephora and Isabelle instigated, in part. Zephora and Isabelle were some of the students lucky enough to notice McGonagle coming and start doing something inconspicuous - in this case, pretending to eat pudding - before she froze them.]
McGonagle: Hmmm...pudding...if they weren't Hufflepuffs I'd be suspicious.

And finally, we had some fun coming up with slogans for the various houses. The Gryffindors make it so easy...
"It's a Gryffindor thing: you wouldn't understand, you're not suicidal."
"It's a Gryffindor thing: you can't handle the truth!"
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I thought I had lost the hall of fame quotes from our end-of-term session of Hogwarts: The Dark Years...but when cleaning out my bag the other day, I found them! All crumpled up, but readable.

So to finish off our 2nd year, we in Slug Club rescued Zephora's body (Illene had already rescued her soul, which ATM was residing in a life-sized blue teddy bear with claws).

Isabelle: Should we put the blue bear in the bag?
Zephora: No! I can walk.
Illene: Let's put the bear in the bag.
Zephora: Nobody puts baby in the corner.

Alfonz: American brooms ride on the wrong side of the sky.

Maria: Once you go Black, you never go back. [referring to the Black family]

Alfonz: You don't need to go as far as Ireland to see faeries...just go to Gryffindor Tower!
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This week Illene rescued Zephora. Sort of. Her soul had been transferred into a wooden rocking horse. So...we had rocking horse Zephora, but not her actual body.

Since the rocking horse wasn't so practical for doing very much, we all tried to decide what McGonagle should transfigure her into for the meantime.

Zephora: Can I be a house elf?
Victor: I don't want her in the kitchen.
DM (Shannon): 20 points to Slytherin!

Zephora [after being transformed into a large cat creature]: I'm a kitty cat
Darkness [OOC]: ...and I dance dance dance, and I dance dance dance!

Zephora: Delicious, delicious hugs.

Somebody (who was this?): Is rocking [as a rocking horse] by yourself like masturbating?
Steve: It's getting your rocks off.

The end result? Zephora was turned into a very large, blue, angry teddy bear with claws X-D
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Last night the Slug club + Professor Woodville conspired to pull a fast one on Narcissa. It involved polyjuice potion and a fake reverse Imperio.

Mary: "I've got knives!"

Darkness (ooc, I think?): "Cru-ci-oooooooh!" (shouted like the "Rufio" chant from Hook)

Isabelle: "I need to talk to some Slytherins and get them to help me be more subterfugerous."
DM (Shannon): "You're getting extra points just for 'subterfugerous'."

*cue flashback noises*
Victor [to Avery, pointing]: "Look, a wall!"
[Victor steals some of Avery's hairs while Avery is looking the wall]
Leigh (ooc): Best. flashback. ever.
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At game this week my fellow players for Hogwarts: The Dark Years asked me to post a "hall of fame" for quotes and ridiculously funny things that happen during game. Since I joined the game in January, we've had several...

"Maybe David Bowie..." (I'm not sure who said this first, but it became a running joke all night)

Isabelle's note to Helena: "Get out now! Cops!!"
Illene: "What are 'cops'?"

Vivian (NPC): "What is 'money'?"

Me OOC: "Hufflepuff is go"

After several of us ate one of Zepora's concoctions, we were all REALLY loopy and had lowered inhibitions. Hilarity ensued...
Mary decides to climb the walls of the castle. Fortunately, she didn't make it very high before she became good friends with the ground.
Isabelle: "I want to hug a centaur!"


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