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It's a very lazy Sunday morning...rainy and chilly...I've spent most of the morning in bed watching videos on my laptop. I love mornings like this. Sadly, I have laundry, grocery shopping, and apartment cleaning to do later on.

But on to the real reason for this post - guinea pig pics! I gave Yodel a bath a couple of weeks ago, and took pictures of the fuzzy aftermath:

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Feb. 18th, 2008 03:51 pm
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Humorous Pictures

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May. 13th, 2006 01:55 pm
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Muffins are all baked and smelling yummy, so here's some more pics of Yodel before I get to packing :)

Me 'n a very squirmy Yodel

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Finally got some more pictures of Yodel last night. I think I got just as many blurry pics as decent pics...GOLLY he was hyper last night. Here's my favorite - the rest to come soon when I have more time...but right now I have to bake some blueberry muffins for "cakes & ale" for tonight's Full Moon ritual.

I call this one 'pigs in a blanket' )
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I decided to (re)name my guinea pig Yodel. A bunch of people on LJ suggested I turn that into something long and ridiculously formal, like Sir Yodelicious Pinkleton III, but after playing with him and thinking about it, that kind of name just didn't seem to fit. Also, my motto of late has been "beauty in simplicity", so I decided to stick with a simple name that fits him well :)

So Yodel it is!

And anyway, if he were to get a long name, it would something less formal and more fitting of his comical and easily-scared nature, like Sir Yodel the Scaredy-pig *laughs*

I had him on my lap yesterday evening while I was watching TV. He spent most of the time just lounging - on my lap, on my chest, on my arm...and I swear he was watching TV with me. It was so cute *g* Of course, as soon as he smelled the dinner my Mom was cooking in the other room (veggies sautee'd with garlic) he got very excited and was sniffing the air alot, looking for those veggies - and maybe the garlic, too!

P.S. Thanks to [ profile] egyptian_spider for making this icon and several others from the photos I posted the other day! You rock! :)
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Behold the piggeh cuteness!! )

He's starting to warm up to me (and the family), bit by bit. He's still a pain in the penarky to catch (and apparently that doesn't change for most people - it's instinctual, since anything in the wild that would pick them would be a predator), but once I've got him in my arms or lap he's pretty calm. He also doesn't spend the -entire- span of floortime cowering in the corner or in his paper bag...only some of it.

He even started talking to us today, which delighted me to no end :) He was sitting in my lap for a few minutes looking about curiously, and just started softly wheeking. And then during floor time, he was running about happily wheeking and tearing up the newspaper covering the floor. Awesome! :)

I still can't decide on his name. Odie just doesn't seem to fit him. M told me he likes to talk alot, which after today seems to be the case, so I thought maybe I'd call him Yodel. It also appears he's quite a flirt with Mom and I (and he was with the girl piggies at M's house), so I also thought I could name him something along those lines...The Flirt, The Ladies' Man, Heartbreaker...?

So unofficial poll for ya'll: Now that you've seen him, what should I (re)name him? Yodel? The Flirt, The Ladies' Man, Heartbreaker (okay, not really. I challenge you all to come up with something better!)? Other suggestions?


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