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I finally talked to Dan last night. We had a real, honest to god conversation on the phone.

It was...a little awkward, especially at first. But it was a pleasant conversation. Mostly it was spent catching up about our jobs (he finally found one, I got promoted), our guinea pigs (his is getting fat, mine chews incessantly on his cage), living situation (his sister moved out of the house...again, we're both looking for apartments), game (he's still way too involved in FFXI, I'm getting bored with WoW), etc. He also told me he hung out recently with [ profile] koikuri, which I hadn't heard about and frankly surprised me. It's also a little weird? oddly coincidental? since he's my ex and she's my brother's ex.

I was really, really happy the subjects of our breakup, prior relationship, or any current dating did not come up. I was really worried he might get all mopey or whatever on me and beg for me to come back. Fortunately, my fears did not play out.

As we were saying goodnight, he mentioned that if I were ever in Philly maybe we could hang out. I was like, ummm...I'm really not comfortable with that right now. And I'm not. Honestly, I've been having dreams lately that we try to hang out and old feelings stir up and...yeah. I'm sure that's just my own fears, but I think there's alot of truth behind those fears. I'm so used to being affectionate and snuggly with him in person, and he the same. I think we need to be comfortable being JUST friends again before we can see each other, and for me that means sticking to conversation only and CERTAINLY not being alone together for awhile.

I think this is step in the right direction for us...I guess we'll see how it pans out.
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Get me out of here!!!

Seriously, I hate Friday afternoons. All you can think about is the weekend, and sleeping in, and not working for a whole 2 can you get any real work done with that kind of mental distraction?

At least my motivation to work isn't completely kaput like it was yesterday. And I have a tad more energy. I must have slept better last night than the previous night, tho the amount of sleep I got certainly didn't change :p I think the prospect of coming home to a cool, dry house for the first time all week accounts for part of my slightly better motivation today. Our AC was supposedly being replaced this morning (like it was supposed to be on Wednesday, right?), so we'll see if that actually happened. Oh PLEASE let it have happened!!

I was hoping Dan would come down this weekend, but he claims he has absolutely no money to buy gas. I think it's just another of his excuses for being lazy and not wanting to come down to see me, but wanting me to do all the driving to see him. I mean, it's not like he doesn't have a credit card. And frankly, I'm not that well off financially either, but I don't let that stop me from going to see him. It's damn selfish of him to expect me to do all the traveling, and it makes me feel like he doesn't want to put out the effort to maintain our relationship. Grrrr. Must sit down and talk with him about that then next time I actually see him in person.

So now my weekend is completely plan-less. what? Who's gonna be around in D.C.? C'mon, you know you want to hang out with me. Come to think of it, besides [ profile] silvertongue1, does anyone on my f-list even live in D.C. or visit the D.C. area on a regular basis?


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